4 Apps for iOS & Android to Find Free WiFi Anywhere in The World

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Do you plan a vacation abroad? You don’t have to waste your money on data roaming charges on your trip. Are you about to run out of internet data? Here are the best apps that will help you find free WiFi anywhere!


Imagine if someone had access to over 100 Million Free WiFis. You can become that person in 30 seconds by downloading WiFiMap! Their users have added millions of WiFis in world’s busiest cities, airports, small towns, and villages as well as the most remote areas of our wonderful planet.
Download WiFiMap on iOS / Download WiFiMap on Android

WiFi Anywhere

WiFi Anywhere is a faster, more smooth, and easier to use wifi tools. WiFi Anywhere provides a key to connect to WiFi hotspots; Monitor and manage data usage; Test network speed; Drive LAN intruders; All these stuff will be handled well with WiFi Anywhere! Show all the information of connected devices, including Brand, IP address, Device name, and Type. Rank Network safety assessment, find out Spy and fix network trouble.
Download WiFi Anywhere on iOS

Wi-Fi Spot

Wi-Fi Spot lets you search for Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world, add your own hotspot, and use the offline map of opened and protected Wi-Fi hotspots.
Download Wi-Fi Spot on iOS


Stay connected even in the most remote cities in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Australia, South America and Russia. Now you can find the closest free WiFi zone in any part of the world. Our app works offline for the travellers’ convenience!
Download Wifimaps on iOS / Download Wifimaps on Android

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